Information about 4th Annual Autism Awareness Fundraiser

I’ve been very fortunate to meet many good people since I started this crazy hobby. One of them is my pal Kevin.  You may have read his name in my reports before – he’s someone I always look forward to seeing at the various wrestling conventions.

We bumped into each other at WrestleCon and Kevin mentioned a fundraiser that’s very near and dear to his heart:


The details of the fundraiser are in the flyer posted above – including how to register and the donation fee. If you’re in the Tottenville, Staten Island area on April 20th, please consider showing your support!


My WrestleMania Weekend Report, Part 2: Friday

Happy Friday, readers!

One week ago today…

One week ago today, my friend Eric and I decided to tackle our very first WrestleCon from the early morning to afternoon before making the trek to Queens for Stardom in NYC. It was going to be an exhausting day but was it worth it? Find out below!

Quick note: it was a pleasure bumping into so many familiar faces (like Kevin!) and new (Michael!). I love interacting with you guys and I hope you had a great time getting those combos!

Enjoy the report!

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My WrestleMania Weekend Report, Part 1: Thursday

I’ve decided to post 3 separate reports chronicling my adventures throughout WrestleMania weekend. This first report will cover Thursday, April 4, where I attended three different events in three different boroughs of New York City.

This would be the first time I tackled something of this magnitude alone as Jenna, my lovey girlfriend of 6 years, was working Thursday and Friday and I decided to spare her the intensity of Saturday (and waking up early Sunday morning). I did have my pal Eric for the majority of the weekend and I just wanted to thank him for his friendship and the help he provided!

So, up first:

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An exhausting weekend is over

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for about a year and now it’s come and gone.

It started on Thursday with Evolve 125 and ended just moments ago at Markout at the Meadowlands. My feet hurt – a lot! – but boy oh boy was it worth it.

The plan is to post a few reports (around 3) over the next few days. There’s a lot to unpack but the short version: I thought WrestleCon was incredibly well run and I managed to score some great deals throughout the weekend.

Talk to you guys in a bit!

– Anthony (ICW)