My Blood Runs Cold…

I missed out on Glacier at the previous Big Event because of the infamous Wedding but the stars aligned this time around. Jenna’s mom was hosting a family get together on Saturday and, luckily for me, she lives about 10 minutes away from the Dutchess Marketplace — where Glacier was appearing!

The signing was from 11-1 and I got there just before 12. If you’ve never been to this place, it’s a gigantic in-door flea market that sells everything you could imagine. Unfortunately, most of it is old crap that’s outlived its usefulness; however, you’ll occasionally find some diamonds in the rough.

Anyways, I walked to the Collector’s Realm section and there was Glaicer in full gimmick and only a one person waiting in line. The combo was $15 and, I have to say, Glacier was probably one of the nicest wrestlers I’ve ever met. He showed me a photo on his phone of Goldberg getting him up in an airplane spin and the last convention they did together.


He took two photo ops with me: one without the mask and one with it. Awesome.

I overheard Glacier telling the fan in front of me that he’s not a fan of the current product, he hates that wrestling is a monopoly, he wasn’t a fan of the Attitude era and is happy wrestling is passed it, and thinks WWE needs some competition.



2018 kicks off with Glacier signing at Collector’s Realm

I don’t know about you guys but the first few months of 2018 are jam-packed with autograph signings – and it starts today!

I’m heading over to the Dutchess Marketplace to meet former WCW wrestler: Glacier.

I missed out on Glacier at the last Big Event and I’m looking forward to finally get him. He’ll be appearing at the Collector’s Realm booth from 11-1.

Next week, the Headhunters – known for their time in FMW and ECW – will be appearing at the Wrestling Universe.

K&S Wrestlefest adds Terry Funk and Outback Jack to Big Event XIV lineup!


K&S Wrestlefest has announced two exciting additions to its Big Event XIV lineup: Terry Funk and Outback Jack.

Obviously, the most exciting possibility is a dual photo op with Funk and fellow K&S guest Mick Foley. It’s hard to imagine that that won’t be offered.

Outback Jack was originally scheduled for a previous Big Event but, I believed, had to cancel. It’s going to see him booked for this one.

Big Event adds Doug Gilbert, Hurricane Helms


The Big Event has added two more guests to their lineup. Let’s talk a gander at who joins the growing lineup:


Captain’s Corner has added Doug Gilbert to its Big Event XIV lineup. Gilbert was originally scheduled for the last Legends of the Ring but cancelled. He is a rare guest that is a welcome addition to the con! Up next is…


Hurricane Helms has been added by Eric Simms, who returns to the Big Event after a years-long ban. Pre-orders for Helms are up and will be added to the pre-order page.