Big Event XIV: Last minute additions as we’re one day away!


We are one day away from the Big Event XIV! Here’s some last minute guest announcements:

  • The SHINE promotion is bringing in Shotzi Blackheart and Kira Hogan in addition to Mercedes Martinez and Brandi Lauren (AKA Ava Storie).
  • Conor Promotions is bringing in The Sandman 
  • Tri-State Wrestling Alliance is bringing in “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas and Sam Houston 
  • Lucky 13 Promotions have announced that Daffney has landed safely in NY!

Pre-orders for Brooke, Tara, and Daffney ends TONIGHT

Just a friendly reminder that pre-orders for Brooke, Tara (f.k.a. Victoria), and Daffney ends tonight at 9:00 PM. These three lovely ladies are being brought in courtesy of Lucky 13 Promotions. If you’re interested in pre-ordering tickets to meet them, visit the Lucky 13 Promotions page by clicking here

Big Event XIV: Some pre-orders are ending soon


We are less than a week away from Big Event XIV and the opportunity to pre-order tickets for some vendor guests is winding down. Let’s take a look at some of the deals ending soon:

  • K&S WrestleFest/Highspots will end pre-orders on Tuesday, 3/6. Their guests include Mick Foley, Scott Hall, Vader, Outback Jack, and Ernest “the Cat” Miller
  • Captain’s Corner will end pre-orders on Wednesday, 3/7. Their guests are Brian AdiasL.A.X. (Santana and Ortiz), Juventud Guerrera, Doug Gilbert, and Tyrus.
  • RDG Promotions will also end pre-orders on Wednesday, 3/7. Their guests are Brandi Rhodes and Rachel Ellering 

Also, TMART advertised that their pre-orders for Lex Luger and Melina ending on 3/1 but, as of right now, they’re still up. You can access their page by clicking here. I’m also keeping track of all pre-orders, which you can find here

Big Event XIV MAJOR additions and 1 cancellation


We’ve got some news revolving around the Big Event XIV guest list. Let’s get to it:

  • Ultimo Guerrero and Sonny Ono have been added by RG Promotions! They’ve also confirmed that Gorgeous George is attending the Event under their banner
  • David Taylor has cancelled. I pre-ordered an autograph and photo op and was given a full refund. K&S Wrestlefest/Highspots also officially announced his cancellation. However…
  • Ernest “the Cat” Miller has been added by K&S Wrestlefest/Highspots!
  • Greg “the Hammer” Valentine and Andrew Anderson have been added (as usual)
  • Local MA indie wrestler Adira will be appearing

Meeting D’Lo Brown and Ron Simmons

I arrived at the Wrestling Universe shortly before 3:30 PM. I purchased two extra Ron Simmons autographs – only $10 each! – and headed to their corner comic store, which already had a fair amount of people waiting in line.

After about a 15 minute wait, it was my turn. Up first was D’Lo Brown, a first time meet for me. He was really nice. Funny story: he saw Dolph Ziggler’s autograph and couldn’t believe how bad it was! He showed it to Simmons, who said “it looks like a damn map!” Hilarious. D’Lo signed all of his entries in the Encyclopedia before posing for a pic.

Next was Ron Simmons, who was really nice. He, too, signed all of his entries in the Encyclopedia as well as my WrestleMania XX program and my WWE Ultimate Superstars Guide.

Simmons was pretty adamant that nobody record anything during the signing. A father even asked Simmons if he could record Simmons doing the “DAMN!” but Simmons politely declined. He offered to whisper it in the kid’s ear but was not going to say it out loud and sure as heck was not going to be recorded doing it.