Thoughts Following Cena/Owens – SPOILERS

Hey now.

WWE Battleground ended nearly two hours ago and it did not end without controversy. The Undertaker is back, Seth Rollins is still WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Charlotte made Brie Bella submit to the Figure 8, and…


John Cena defeated Kevin Owens. Actually, Cena made Owens tap out to his STF after the two tore the house down for well over 30 minutes. There seems to be two different points of view regarding the finish of this match:

Owens still looks strong because it was a hell of a match and he gave it all he can


Cena simply buried Owens and made himself look like Superman once again.

I don’t think Cena buried Owens. And I won’t be foolish enough to say that Owens’ loss is now the end all, be all of his career. I’m confident he’ll have a successful career in the WWE because the guy is flat out talented and he demands to be noticed.

That being said, however, I’m very disappointed with the finish of this match and I think the WWE has completely blown a tremendous feud. Seriously, think about how awesome it would’ve been had Owens passed out while locked into the STF. Cena wins but Owens never tapped out and he was never pinned. This sets up the ultimate match at Summerslam where Owens defeats Cena – cleanly – for the United States title in front of the smarkiest crowd in all of the land.

Instead, Owens tapped out. He submitted to the mighty Cena. He’s now lost back to back matches against Superman after defeating him cleanly in their first encounter.

Just silliness. What incentive do I, as a fan, care about Owens challenging Cena for the title once again? His first win looks like a fluke after back to back losses to Cena. Plus, he no longer deserves a re-match. He’s lost twice in a freaking row!

Sure, they can have him accept the Open Challenge tomorrow and have him absolutely demolish Cena because he’s all angry but, in my opinion, that’s not nearly as satisfying to the alternative presented to them.

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