Last-minute Big Event additions, cancellations, and notes

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We are ~24 hours away from the Big Event 18. The LaGuardia Plaza Hotel will be an absolute madhouse and I’ve noticed some last minute additions, cancellations, and some important notes re: the Deadman:

  • James EllsworthGillberg, Little Boogeyman, Kevin Sullivan, and Andrew Anderson were all recently added
  • Amy Webber and Joy Giovanni have been re-scheduled for November due to the Coronavirus outbreak
  • An important note about Undertaker tickets:

For The Undertaker come as soon as you can to pick up your pre purchased physical tickets. They will be only handed out after you pick up your admission..
Tickets can be picked up with your drivers license, state ID or passport.
The tickets are numbered.
Photo ops will be first. Autographs will follow the completion of photo ops. Starting at noon.
We will have Undertaker photos, boots, hats and urns for sale.
We will have 100 FAST PASS tickets for sale for $40 first come first serve.
Regardless of your ticket number this will get you to the front of the line. If you purchased a photo opp AND autograph this FAST PASS will get you to the front of BOTH lines! This will save you HOURS of time! These will sell out!
We do have a few autograph and photo op tickets left for sale. $200 CASH first come first serve. These will sell out also if you are needing more tickets


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