Year-End Review, Part IV: October – December

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Part IV of my Year-End review series takes a look back at the latter months of 2019. Let’s see how I did!

Before we get into Part IV, though, here’s a handy guide to the first three parts of the series:

Part I, January – March 

Part II: April – June

Part III, July – September


I was a little surprised to see a big ole goose egg for October but Legends of the Ring fell on a late September this year. Boo.



The Big Event 17 was a bite-sized edition for yours truly. It looked like I wasn’t going to make it just days before the event but, damn it, I made it.


Feel free to check out my report– it’s a lot shorter than usual!

November ended with two big meets for yours truly: Masahiro Chono and Kane!

Seriously, meeting two legends is always a damn good time. Click here for the full report for both events!


Another goose egg. Boo! That’s no way to close out 2019.

Stay tuned for Part V: My Top 10 Photo Ops and Autographs. This post will very likely appear in 2020 so…see you guys next year!

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